RapeJoke is an ongoing, multiplatform project that seeks to inject the national conversation about sexual violence with the voices of its least considered participants– the survivors. With a unique blend of dark, edgy humor and unflinching sincerity, RapeJoke cracks open the taboo of discussing rape as a normal, every-day occurrence with predictable impacts on victims and communities, challenging the narrative of rape-as-anomaly and therefore undeserving of broad social scrutiny. Through PSAs, graphic essays, and ultimately a feature length film, the project puts the mic, finally, in the hands of the only people qualified to tell a RapeJoke.




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#JustSaySorry /


Prominent survivor-activists Kamilah Willingham and Wagatwe Wanjuki have been demanding apologies from colleges and universities for failing to properly address campus sexual assault since August, when they launched their #JustSaySorry campaign. For several weeks, Wagatwe and Kamilah put their own alma maters (Tufts and Harvard, respectively) in the spotlight by calling for apologies in livestreamed videos of them burning items including school sweatshirts and sweatpants, an admission letter, and a student conduct code. Despite these repeated demands and international press coverage, not a single school has responded with an apology.


But they’re not giving up. Today, #JustSaySorry organizers Kamilah and Wagatwe reiterate their demands in a powerful short video — and they’ve got backup: academy-award nominated actress Abigail Breslin and celebrity singer and artivist Maya Jupiter join Kamilah, Wagatwe, and a group of inspiring activists and survivors in making a simple yet powerful statement:

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